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All seniors will take a photo with Lifetouch on "photo day" regardless of whether you will be submitting one from a photographer at a later date. If you choose to not submit a photo from a photographer the photo that was taken by Lifetouch at the beginning of the year will be used and no further action needs to be taken by parents.

A dark gray background will be used if you choose your Lifetouch photo.

PARENTS: PLEASE ensure that your student complies with all the rules and regulations as outlined below. We are not responsible for anyone's photo who does not meet the requirements, it will simply not be used and their school photo will replace it without notice.

Girls: If you are wondering if it will pass, it won't. No sleeveless, no off the shoulder shirts (such as drapes), no hands, not outdoors, no cleavage.

Boys: Boys should wear a dark jacket (blue, black, dark gray, or dark brown), a tie, and a button-up shirt (preferably school colors or neutral).

PHOTOGRAPHERS: Pictures must be taken indoors on a blue background with no hands or props.

Send high resolution photos (300 dpi) to Mrs. Laura Haslag at

Please name the photo with the name of the student, last name first (for example: Johnson_Bob.jpg).